• 04/21/2019



Al-Majd Association for Development in Gaza City is seeking to employ a full-time Projects Coordinator according to the following:

Tasks & Responsibilities:

• Preparing concept papers and proposals for projects.

• Participating in initiating the projects ideas & preparing the action plans of the section projects.

• Being cooperative in his/her work under supervision of the Head of Section.

• Carrying out administrative and financial processes for the projects under implementation.

• Assisting the Head of Section in the design of activities, monitoring and evaluation for the projects.

• Preparing the various progress and final administrative and financial reports for projects.

• Any related tasks required by the direct supervisor.


• Bachelor degree in Management, Business or Engineering from a recognized university, with at least graduation average 75+%.

• Proven previous relevant experience in working in related fields, preferred with international NGOs.

• Excellent skills in preparing plans, concept paper, proposals, and reports.

• Excellent skills in English and Arabic (reading, writing and speaking).

• Excellent computer skills (Windows, MS Office, Internet, .. etc.)

• Excellent administrative, financial and communications skills especially in projects coordination issues.

• Ability to work within a team and under heavy workloads.

Interested applicants should use the following

“Projects Coordinator” job application link to fill in the application:-

The deadline for applying for this job is Thursday, 25th April 2019, 1:00 pm. Short listed candidates will be tested and interviewed. Please note that the first 3 months will be trial period. The monthly salary as a lump sum is US$ 450 (during the trial periods and after). The successful applicant will sign projects funding staff contract as this position depen project/projects    fund.                                                                         


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