Dr Mohammed-Ali Abunajela

  • 10/11/2015

Dr Mohammed-Ali Abunajela

Success Story: An IUG's English Department Graduate Receives his PhD Award in Media Studies from the UK

Graduated from the IUG's English Department in 2004 and completed his MSc in International Political Communications, Advocacy and Campaigning from Kingston University London in 2010, Dr Mohammed-Ali M. Abunajela has recently received his PhD award in Media Studies from University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. His PhD research examined Al-Jazeera Arabic Satellite Television and the Arab Uprisings. 

During the course of his studies, Dr Abunajela was invited twice by the historical University of Oxford and presented his PhD research topic. He contributed in a book chapter: (Islam in the news: the case of Al-Jazeera and the Muslim Brotherhood’, in Cyber Islam, Noha Mellor & Khalil Rinnawi (eds.) Amsterdam: Springer (forthcoming later this year). 

Since 2012, Dr Mohammed-Ali Abunajela has been working as Internal and External Communications Advisor at BBC World Service Group in London providing expert communications support to the BBC's Arabic service and other global language news services. For many years, he worked with high profile international news and humanitarian organisations including; Oxfam GB, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Amnesty International, AFP, and ARTE TV.

Studying in the IUG's English Department was a milestone and turning point in both personal and professional levels. The department undoubtedly equipped me not only with substantial language skills (reading, writing, and speaking) but more importantly offered me a real opportunity to communicate with the outside world. It had encapsulated my language skills with variety of carefully selected theoretical and practical modules.

As for students currently studying in the IUG’s English Department and living under extreme living circumstances, please allow me to say that you have now a great moral obligation to learn the language to efficiently communicate with the international community - in their own language - about the dire human stories that Palestinians are living under on a daily basis. With the influx of social media platforms and technological revolution, we should all stand up and act as ambassadors to represent not only our country but also our values and beliefs in peace, freedom and human rights which can be swiftly communicated in English by addressing the heart and minds of people who do not speak Arabic. 


Dr Mohammed-Ali Abunajela




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